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How do I pay my income taxes online?

To pay your personal income taxes online:-

Add CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) as a payee, if you haven’t done so:

  1. Select Payments & Transfers
  2. Click on Add a Payee
  3. Select Payee Province.
  4. Enter "CRA " in the Payee Name field
  5. Choose the applicable option:
    • CRA Revenue 2017 [or current tax year]Tax Return tax (for current tax year)
      Select this option to pay personal income tax owed for the current tax year in one lump sum. If you are paying after the deadline, please use CRA Revenue Tax Amount Owing. During the bill payment process, this payee will appear as CRA2015RETURN (or CRA current tax year RETURN)
    • CRA Revenue Tax Amount Owing (for previous tax years)
      Use this option to pay an outstanding personal income tax balance. During the bill payment process this payee will appear as CRA-AMT-OWING
    • CRA Revenue Tax Installment (for current year)
      Only select this option to pay your personal income tax by installments in advance, as arranged with Canada Revenue Agency. During the bill payment process this payee will appear as CRAINST  
  6. Enter your Social Insurance Number in the Account Number field
  7. Add a nickname (optional)
  8. Click Verify Payee
  9. Click Add Payee

Please note that it can take up to five business days for the payee to credit your account.

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