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How do I set up a Future Dated Bill Payment?

  1. Click on Payments & Transfers
  2. Select Make a Payment
  3. Select the account you would like to pay your bill from
  4. Select the bill you would like to pay
  5. Enter the amount you would to pay,
  6. Click on the Calendar icon, and select the date you would like to make the payment on
  7. Select Verify Payment
  8. Verify or add your email address to receive notifications if your payment is not successful. If the email is incorrect or you wish to change your email address on file, select “Edit” and then select “Save”
  9. Click ‘Verify Payment’, review the transaction details
  10. Click ‘Submit Transaction’ to complete your payment.   Your payment will be processed on the scheduled payment date. 

Important information: Please ensure you have sufficient funds in the bank account you have selected at least one day prior to the scheduled payment date.  An email notification will be sent to the email address on file if your future dated bill payment fails. The email address entered here will become part of your contact information. By adding or updating your email address, all future communications will be sent to this new email address – as permitted by you and in accordance with our Privacy Code

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