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How do I set up Pre-Authorized Payments?

A pre-authorized payment is set-up by providing your banking information to the company or organization you are authorizing to directly debit the source account.

This can be done in two ways.

Take an existing cheque for your account and write VOID across the cheque.  If you do not have cheques you can order them by:

  1. Click on My Accounts.
  2. Select your bank account.
  3. Click on Order Cheques*. For Small Business customers: click on Re-Order Cheques. 

* In order to access this service, your account must have cheque writing privileges.


Alternatively, simply complete the Pre-Authorized Debit form and send it to the payer. Be sure to attach a void cheque or include your account number, financial institution number and branch transit number. To find this information:

  1. Click on My Accounts.
  2. Select your bank account. You will find the information in the blue box.

Download: Pre-Authorized Debit form



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